Frizzle Top Palm Tree

Manganese sulphate is what to use to sure a diseased queen palm tree. I sprinkled a bag around the base of the tree about 1.5 ft away froj the trunk. I made sure the roots were wet before I sprinkled, then I ran the sprinkler for 30 minutes to let it soak in. I hope it does not kill the grass or burn the roots. I took every precaution...we'll see.
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  1. The tree looks pretty good. What's wrong with it?
    Folks in Arizona insist on planting Queen Palms and they always look ratty. This is just not the climate for them. This one looks healthy compared to ones here!

  2. So it's not supposed to look like that? I like how it looks!

  3. Can you tell me when to trim the Queen Palm fronds? They are touching the ground & are about 15ft. long. Someone told me they should be cut off. Would welcome advise.

  4. Kylee...Everything is fine on that tree except for the new branch in the center.

    Sharron...Most web sites say that you shouldn't over-prune. It's recommended that you wait to trim the fronds until they are yellow and starting to turn brown. If they're still green you just might have an akward tree that has a short trunk and long fronds, it'll grow taller eventually.


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