Rock On Garden Gloves

So, my brother was over for several hours today and I've been finding little gems like this that he left behind. Don't know how he got the thumb to stay like that, but I hope the gloves still "work" tomorrow.
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5,611 Lights Are Up So Far!!

Joey and John got a lot done today. So did I. They outlined the whole house with white GE 200 ct commercial grade lights. Yesterday, John put up the icicle lights. Tomorrow, the 17 stripes go up.

The outline of the roof (above) used 1700 bulbs. We've dedicated three channels to the outline and two to the icicles.
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The heat is finally subsiding

From left to right...

Pineapple (from top of grocery store pineapple)
Young pepper (in terra cotta)
Patchouli (tallest)
basil (below terra cotta)
More basil everywhere else...I just threw seeds on the dirt.
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Frizzle Top Palm Tree

Manganese sulphate is what to use to sure a diseased queen palm tree. I sprinkled a bag around the base of the tree about 1.5 ft away froj the trunk. I made sure the roots were wet before I sprinkled, then I ran the sprinkler for 30 minutes to let it soak in. I hope it does not kill the grass or burn the roots. I took every precaution...we'll see.
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