Planting Raspberries in South Florida

Yesterday, I received my order of raspberries and blackberries! They were in the ground within 2 hours from when the UPS guy delivered them. After all, the spot has been ready for a year.

There are very few brambles rated for my zone (9b or 10A). Anne rasp. and triple crown blackberry are two of them.

Last March, I planted 5 blackberries and 5 raspberries and they died with a few months. I think the roots dried out during shipping. I'm going to spread pine bark mulch over the area today to prevent the roots from drying out. The roots are only supposed to be planted 2 inches from the surface, so the mulch will help. Here's how I planted them last year. Here's another post about planting them. This year was pretty much the same routine.
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  1. Rees Cowden3/2/08, 7:59 AM

    Hi Danielle,
    I'll be curious to know how you berries do. My little girl and I planted a blueberry plant I bought at a tradeshow last week. I love fresh berries of any kind over a bowl of ice cream.....

  2. I think you miss spelled your title. Great post though!!

  3. I recently tried a new mulch called Sweet Peet sold here in Florida. It was amazing. It is made from cultivated horse manuer. It prevents weeds, and cut down on water usage. The horse manuer acts as a fertilizer for my garder and the growth was amazing. Despite being made from horse manuer, there was no smell. Martha Stewart featured it on one of her shows. The web site for the mulch is www.sweetpeetmulch.com . I have never used anything quite like it.

  4. you should try growing encore rasberries I have three canes and I live in zone 9 they are flourishing for some reason, especially with the rain, I thought they would die, but the leaves are so beautiful, and its so healthy

  5. Apache blackberry does GREAT in Phoenix area. Also Red Canby raspberry just give them lots of water.


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