Lula Avocado Tree

I planted my new lula avocado tree today. I let it sit in this slightly shady area for a few weeks prior to planting; I wanted to see how it would do. I may have planted it in the wrong area. We'll see. This very knowledgeable local gardener told me that nothing down here in south florida truely loves full sun.

Today, a friend told me she heard it takes 8 years for an avocado tree to bear fruit. I had heard this before, but I've also heard they bear fruit within two years. Below is what my internet research indicates...by the way, everything you read on the internet is always true.

3 years to fruiting - link here (gardener Q&A)
4-5 years to fruiting - link here (purdue university)
10-15 years to fruiting - link here (some extension office)
3-6 years to fruiting - link here (avocadofruit.com)
30 years to fruiting - link here (gomestic.com)
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  1. I have a big tree in my back yard that does not fruit yet. I don't know how old it is, it was here when I got here. Are u on blotanical? Your blog is the closest to mine I have come across yet!! Keep it up!!

  2. Please tell me where you found your Lula avocado tree. I'm hoping you found a source on line. The Lula is more freeze tolerant and I live in So. Carolina where we do get some cold nights.
    Thank you

  3. U need a pollinator. avocados are type A and type B. Just wondering if u got this to produce??


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