Plumeria (Frangipani) looks horrible during winter

Are they supposed to look like this during winter? I kow they cannot tolerate temps below freezing. They prefer temps above 40 according to gardenweb.com.

We did dip down to the 40s this winter already. I have two neighbors who have plumeria that looks like this also. I guess I'll just wait it out.
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  1. Not 100% positive about this, but my co-worker (who has grown Plumeria as a patio tropical before) says that there's a fairly pronounced winter dormancy, when they drop leaves and take no water. (Like, NO water. She's been very insistent on this point.) I'm not sure how that translates from Iowa to Florida, but if forced to guess, I'd say that yes, what you're seeing is probably normal.

  2. I believe they lose their leaves in the winter. Ours do, or some of them do, and the big one down the road does.

  3. Danielle, I had plumerias for a couple of years. Just put them some where out of the weather and ignore them. Maybe water them one time during your winter and they will come right back. If they appear to shivel some don't be concerned. At least that's the way we have to do it in Zone 8 :-)

  4. Howdy -do, Pretty Miss.

    I seen ya over at Hoe and Shovel..so I came a 'callin'. I'se much relieved to know that plumeria doan do so well in winter--I have a beauty that lives in a large pot on the driveay--but oh my goodness that thang is a sad lookin' specimen at the moment. (we's in zone 9 Florida)

  5. I'm a bit north of you (Gainesville--8b). Mine already dropped their leaves, so I moved them to overwinter in my outdoor laundry room (e.g., a dark, cool but not cold place). My co-worker swears this is the way the gardeners at New Orleans Botanical Garden care for their plumerias.


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