Lily of the Valley in South Florida

Our Walmart has a whole aisle of bulbs because it's spring time. Last year, I planted their elephant ear which have done great. I also planted the tigridia and the dutch iris. They didn't do as good.

This year, they were selling northern bulbs and I somehow thought that for only $5 I can try to grow lily of the valley down here. The packaging clearly states "Gauranteed to Grow." It's got a picture of Florida on the back of the package and I followed all planting instructions.

So, I am already assuming these plants will fail, but then what? How will I collect on the guarantee? I think this is just a very good marketing tool because no one will ever try to collect on the guarantee. I do the same thing with gardening clippers. They last a year, then they break. I took a pair back to Walmart last year and they said I need to contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer's website did not provide any info that was useful. Oh well. :)
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  1. Hi I'm new here. Yes it's definitely a caveat emptor or buyer beware with plants. I live up north in western Oregon. My experience with lily of the valley is that it will die if its soil dries out, which it does every summer here. So now I grow mine in a container. I keep it in the shade, near a water source and when the flowers emerge in spring, I bring the container to a prominent spot to enjoy. The fragrance is nothing short of heaven. Then I move the container back to obscurity to let the plants rejuvenate for the following year. My tigridia went missing years ago. It bloomed the first year but that was all she wrote. I probably should have grown it in a container too. Anyway, I hope everything survives and thrives. (I wouldn't have been able to pass them up at Wal-Mart either.)

  2. Excellent blog post....

  3. Danielle,
    I try to be optimistic with new plants and tell myself that they will grow. It does sound like you've already got the gardeners addiction. It's a sickness that makes you want every beautiful plant or flower you see, so you can plant it in your own garden. Have you tried sandy soil for your lily of the valley? Mine love it.

  4. I'm in central Florida and had a similar weakness a few years ago. My Lily of the Valley didn't do well here either, but I may have let it get too dry. It sprouted, but withered before it got a chance to bloom, even though I kept it in pretty deep shade. Good luck.

  5. I have mine in sandy soil, so we'll see....nothing yet.

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  7. Lily of the Valley are very invasive - looks like you and I both have zone envy. My blog is about Tropical Plants and Palms in Minnesota!

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  9. Can't wait to hear what happens. I live in Tampa now and loved lily of the valley growing up in Chicago. The scent is so wonderful if it works I would love to try it down here.

  10. i'm dying for some here in bradenton! None of the nurseries in the area will get it for me and told me it will not grow. this is my absolute favorite plant and makes the most beautiful garden. i lived in new london and was addicted to it. every year i would get excited at it's return. if it works you will be my hero! please keep me posted.

  11. You could buy a refrigerator for just plants - it looks like this plant needs 10 weeks of temperatures below 50 degrees - plant it in a pot and cut it back in the fall and store it!

  12. Just found your blog post today about lilies of the valley. I don't see a follow-up post. I was thinking of ordering some from up North, and putting them in the refrigerator for 6 weeks... then planting them in a pot indoors. Did yours grow? I live in Zone 9-10 Florida as well... so I don't have any shady that will keep it cool enough to grow!

  13. they never grew and i never returned them to cash in on the guarantee. :)


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