Duranta Gold Mound

Duranta Gold Mound is very popular around south Florida right now. It's popularity exploded a few years ago. Nearly all of our street medians have Mamey Croton, Gold Mound, and Society Garlic. The combination of red, lime green, and purple is unbeatable. If the society garlic (crinum) wasn't so stinky, I would have it all over my yard.

Here (above) is my tiny rose bed, I have a large patchoulli in the back, two roses on the right, an asparagus ferm in the middle and a row of gold mound in the front. There's a trick to growing pretty gold mound...

Trick...only the new growth is this fluourescent lime green. So, you need to keep it trimmed not only to maintain size, but also to maintain that showy bright color. If you were to let the plant go for a year, it would still be pretty, but also a tyipical medium dark green color. The whole reason (in my opinion) to use duranta is so that you can achive that big contrast in color and texture. That's why it's so striking when used in combination with a red or dark green plant.

So, this brings me to the second point of this posting... I blogged about Duranta Gold Mound last year. Last week, I was looking on eBay for some duranta seeds and found a seller using my picture from last year (seen below). You can see my car mirror and the link to my original posting.
From danielle's garden blog
So, clearly I need to be better about watermarking my images. But, the image is hosted on an "all rights reserved" site and was published on my blog which clearly states my copyright notice. Further, all images unless otherwise stated are always copyrighted by the creator...it's a law. But, when it comes to prosecution, the law is still pretty hard to use.


  1. That's irritating, isn't it, Danielle? I'm not sure how to prevent it altogether, without putting something right on the photo, which takes extra steps and mars the photo. Unfortunate that we even need to do this.

  2. My neighbors have the gold mound all in their yard. It looks great and has nice color all year.

    I need to watermark my photos. What are the odds of you coming accross that photo!! WOW!! Lesson learned...I need to watermark mine

  3. Hi! i really like the landscaping you did in the Picture with the Doggie. I can see the Duranta Gold Mound. What are the other plants? What type of palm (I see the trunks). What is just to the right of it? A pinapple plant? And what is the Red plant behing the gold mound? i would really appreciate it. I bought a home in California and would like to incorporate that in my front yard. Please email me at scottrecchio@msn.com

  4. Sorry to hear someone stole your picture. What kind of red bushes (Middle) are those behind the gold mound in front of the green hedge? Please email me. scottrecchio@msn.com

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  6. I also love the Golden Durantas shrubs and the Crotons. Beautiful colours. Love your garden.

  7. I have hedges of duranta in my front yard.

    I live in central florida. Unfortunately we
    got some frost and all of the shrubs are
    brown. Are they dead or will they come back.
    This is the first year this has happened.


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