Royal Poinciana Tree is coming back

I thought this royal poinciana tree was a gonner. It's coming back! I think I will plant it now that I know it's going to be a winner.
Headed to Tampa tomorrow via Tpke and 60. Anyone have thoughts on where I could stop along the way? I'd appreciate the tips.
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  1. Glad your poinciana seems to be making it! I put my dwarf poinciana seedlings out a little too soon last year and they were too small to take the cold... Oh well.
    As far as your trip goes, Definitely go to bok tower gardens at Lake wales and take some pictures! Floridagirl just went there and posted about it. I would recommend highlands hammock state park but its a little off your path.

  2. Hey Danielle,
    Been following for a little bit now. I live thirty miles from Tampa, small town called Dade City. We are on the Freeze line, so its interesting to see your garden. I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale ---23 years. Born and raised there. We have lots of Loquats coming into season. Loquats will thrive in your yard too. Have you ever seen some with fruit on them in neighbors yard? They taste something like a peachy apple. I also left you some information about a chickasaw plum which is a Native to Florida and would do well in your yard. Hope you had a nice visit to Tampa.



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