Thinning Peaches, Plant Hardiness Zones, Mystery Plant.

After 4 years, the mystery of the North Garden dracaena has been solved! It's a Dracaena 'Janet Craig compactica'. Thanks to Grower Jim of Garden Adventures for the identification. I was also able to identify the little critter that irrigates the dracaena when the grass is too wet for her little feet. I'm one step closer to identifying every plant in my garden now!

I checked out Grower Jim's zone 9b blog, Garden Adventures, and realized that I needed to be honest with myself about two things:

  1. I am not in zone 9b anymore....the zones have changed over the past few decades and I'm zone 10 now. Back in 2006 when I first started gardening, and when the map was first published, many gardeners refused to believe their zone changed. We base our whole garden around our plant hardiness zone, so it was hard to accept.

2. I HAD to thin out the peach tree. Grower Jim thinned out his peach tree. I KNOW I will be rewarded with bigger, sweeter peaches.
Here are all the peaches I yanked off the tree. Dunno what to do with them.

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  1. Yeah, the zone map stayed the same for me, but the last couple winters reminded me that 9a is here to stay for the garden at my parent's (where I do my gardening). However, my apartment along the St. Johns river its definitely 9b.
    As far as the janet craig compacta goes, I have a chartreuse janet craig as a houseplant that I only water every other week and it does great!


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