Took One Year to Grow a Pineapple

It took one year for a planted pineapple top to produce another pineapple. I planted a top in Aug 2009 and just harvested the new fruit last week. Infact, it took almost exactly a year. I could have harvested it a few weeks sooner, but I've been buys.

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Lethal Frog in the Garden Today?

We found Tinsel playing with this frog earlier today. The IFAS website shows a frog similar to this frog. I don't know if this is Bufo marinus (the poisonous one) or the Bufo terresteris (non poisonous). Either way, he didn't last long in our yard this evening.

Visit IFASs website for more info on the difference between the poisonous and non poisonous frogs.
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Home Farming Movement: Seeds from Triscuit

How cool are these little Triscuit appetizers? I made them with green onion from the garden, water chestnuts, bacon, and Triscuits. They are delicious and although a bit time-consuming, they can be made a few days ahead...which I love! The box of Triscuits even came with built-in herb seeds. I posted the recipe here.

Triscuit is apparently creating community-based home farms throughout the US. As part of the Home Farming Movement, they included plantable herb seed cards in their packaging to help encourage people to grow their own vegetables and herbs!

They sent me samples of their product and I was excited to see the seed cards right on the back of the box. The Original Triscuits came with basil seeds and the Reduced Fat Triscuits came with dill seeds. They even sent me a $20 gift card to buy potting soil and containers to get my seeds started!

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