Sandstorm Techno 2010 - MattsonLights.com - Computerized Christmas Lights

Another awesome display from Canada!

Da Funk by Daft Punk Christmas Lights in La Salle Illinois 2009

I have finally had the opportunity to look around online to see what other Christmas enthusiasts are doing with their displays. Here's a pretty cool display in Illinois. He uses 250 channels...just for reference, we use 96.

Freeze Kills Patchoulli in South Florida

The freeze a few weeks ago killed most of the patchoulli in the back yard. Damage signs include dead and stunted tips. I will wait to cut this back because if I cut it back now, the plant may not survive. Many people in the neighborhood covered their tropicals each night. I just prefer to let nature take care of the ones that aren't really supposed to be here anyway. The large patchoulli made it just fine.

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Bougainvillea damaged in the Freeze

Over the past 3-4 weeks, we've had a few nights in the 20s. The bougainvillea didn't do that well.
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Passion Flower is taking over the Porch

I think I need to transplant the Passion Vine. It's not flowering right here because of poor lighting and right now, it's overtaking the Christmas lights!
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Freeze Killed the Angel Trumpet

Each year, we get a few days of high 20-degree weather. It always kills the angel trumpet. No worries though...I will chop it back in a few months and it will grow back just like last year!

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