Aphids on Hibiscus

How to kill aphids on hibiscus...

This is a pretty bad infestation so I am going to use a systemic. I like Bayer Advanced (they don't pay me for this). In general I stay away from systemics though. I really only use it for hibiscus and roses. The difference between a systemic and any other treatment is that a systemic gets poured onto the plant base so it can soak into the roots. The treatment travels up through the plant's system and anything that bites into the plant dies. Other treatments are topical and need multiple applications. Given how sensitive hibiscus are, I am choosing not to use a topical treatment because my hibiscus always seem to burn and drop all leaves and flowers. The problem with systemics in my opinion is that poinsons linger for way too long, plus any extra seeps into the ground. Also, I need to make sure that no one ever uses it accidentally for an edible plant. I guess a third option would be to spray all the aphids off with a blast of water. These hibiscus are huge and I just don't have the time to do this. Plus, they are all brown and hard so they might not come off. So, for all these reasons, I decided to just use the systemic.
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  1. We had the same problem with aphid infestation on our hibiscus. Our plant we move indoors in the winter because of a cold climate. I guess there were aphid eggs in the soil and during the winter it took over the plant. It was pretty gross. I sprayed it with organic spray. It worked but all the leaves died off. Thank goodness it's growing back now.

  2. First let me say, nice garden :) Here in the Chicago area we too have Aphids and they seem to love my Rose Of Sharons (basically a Hibiscus). The easy treatment... get this... soapy water spray. Use degreasing dish soap. A dab'll do ya. Aphids have a waxy coating that keeps them from drying out. Spray em with degreasing dish soap spray and you clean it right off the lil buggers. And bye bye. Crispy critters. Works quite nicely. All the best and keep em coming.


  3. Hello john
    How much of dish washing liquid + water ? Is there a ratio to mix ?


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