Gator Pride Hibiscus

A friend in Jupiter has this hibiscus growing in the front yard. It probably doesn't receive much direct sunlight, but it has beautiful, huge flowers. Must say that the colors are not very orange and blue either...now that I think of it, it's purple and yellow. I might have to research this alter to see if it's a different species than what I was thinking.
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Today's Harvest: blueberries and miracle fruit

I think I will freeze these for this weekend.
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Bugs in Peaches

I wish I knew more about peaches. Having grown up in S Florida, I just don't know that much about them because they are not typically grown down here. If anyone can help me positively identify the type of bug that is ruining my peaches from the inside out, please leave a comment or email me. Based upon preliminary research, I think I need to spray the peach blossoms next year, so the larvae don't crawl into the blossoms then lay dormant until the fruit ripens. This is so frustrating because the tree has a few hundred peaches right now and they ALL have these bugs.


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