Planted Straight Eight Cucumber

Today I planted this.

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Sprinkler Repair Day

John spent a few minutes today repairing a broken sprinkler head. This is something we have to do down here in FL all the time.

It's very easy to do this...it's just not any fun.

How to Replace a sprinkler Head
You dig all around the sprinkler head about 8-12 inches deep and 5-6 inches wide. Then you turn the spinkler head counterclockwise until it comes off. Then you put on the new sprinkler head by turning it clockwise until tight.

You could always avoid having to replace the head by fixing it. They are pretty basic...nothing is electronic and it's not rocket science. It's just so much easier to just replace the head.

Note: You want to make sure to replace the old head with the same type of head. Don't upgrade or downgrade...when the irrigation company installed the system, they spread out the heads into different zones to make the system balanced. You can't overload or underload any of the zones.

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Palm Tree Weeds

This time of year, the queen palms, drop their seeds. Many of the seeds germinate and begin to form little baby palm trees. Sometimes I let them grow, then replant them somewhere else. Today, I just threw them in the weed pile.

You can see how the tree grows...the seed doesn't even burry itself in the ground, it just lays on top of the ground, send a root down, and a stalk up.

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Bugs in My Peaches - Part 2

For the past three seasons, bugs have ruined our entire peach crop. I still don't know exactly what the bugs are...so many people have told me different things, I don't know what to believe.

Photo above: April 2011.  UF Sun Peach Tree in Zone 10 East Coast FL

Everything I've read says I need to prevent infestation versus treat bugs once they arrive. I feel like I've done everything. So, short of ripping out the tree and starting fresh, here's what I resorted to...

I mixed 2 teaspoons of malathion liquid concentrate into a gallon sprayer. I added 2 tablespoons of sevin concentrate from Home Depot. I waited until dusk, and I sprayed the foliage and trunk of the tree with about a half gallon of the mixture. I'm going to wait a week and possibly spray the tree again with the spray after I dilute it a bit more.

I have a feeling, the mixture is going to burn the leaves. I also have a feeling, I'm going to harm and possibly kill bees...which is BAD for all the other garden items I want the bees to pollinate. I tried very hard not to let the spray get onto anything else or to travel very far. I hate putting this stuff on my plants, but this is the last resort for this peach tree. As the Smiths would say, "We'll see."

Want to see the bugs? Check out this video.

Here's the excerpt of the article I found on EDIS which gave me the recipe for the concoction.

Insect Control in Dooryard Peaches

For dooryard peaches (also see 2006 Southeastern Peach, Nectarine and Plum Pest Management and Culture Guide (http://entomology. ent.uga.edu/peach/peach_guide/title.htm)), use a mixture of Malathion plus Sevin or Methoxychlor. Mix 4 tablespoons of 25% malathion wettable powder or 2 teaspoons of 57% malathion liquid concentrate per gal of water. Then add 3 tablespoons of 50% methoxychlor wettable powder or 2 tablespoons of 50% Sevin wettable powder. Do not apply malathion within 7 days or methoxychlor within 21 days or Sevin within 1 day of harvest.


Container Plants in Baltimore

The Baltimore container plants were sagging a bit each day from about 12-4pm. The sweet potato vines love full sun, but they will definitely weep if they get a bit too much direct sun or receive too much heat. Other than that, these container plants are doing great and I can't wait to plant up mine like this in another month.

We were in Baltimore at John's Hopkins for my brother's spine surgery. Everything went really well and he will be released today...only 6 days after his surgery.
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