My application to the Florida Friendly Yard Club

Today I sent in my checklist to the Martin county Extension office. I believe our new landscaping qualifies to be accepted into the program. 
 I had to answer a number of questions about the yard, irrigation, plant choice,maintenance routines, etc. I intentionally designed the landscape plan with this list of items in mind. My only concern is about the plants and grass that abut the seawall in the back yard. The 10-30 feet leading up to the water are supposed to be "maintenance free." We had to sod that area so it NOT maintenance free. We'll see how the inspection goes. Tbc...

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  1. Hi - Good luck with your certification. I found Martin County Extension to be a little "picky". I have 1/2 acre in Westwood estates near you. When they inspected, they didn't like that there are brazillian peppers on the property, even though I told them I consistently work to remove them as they become apparent. But I did get a certification from the National Wildlife Federation, which made me happy. I have neighbors like yours, so I loved being able to post my sign facing their property!


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