Day 100 of the Summer Garden in South Florida

Day 100 and the temps are hovering around 90-94 each day. We've been having lots of rain each afternoon (and Lake Okeechobbee keeps getting dumped into the Indian River because the water level is too high). The garden is nearing it's end and I've just bought 2 bails of peat moss and fall seeds.

At Day 100, the cilantro, parsley, sage, onion are showing no signs of heat intolerance. The cilantro bolted. The basil shrivelled up a month ago. So did the dill. Nexxt summer, I want to plant everything a month earlier and I also want to stage all the plantings...especially the radishes.

The pole beans did great and are still producng flowers at Day 100.

At Day 100, the bell peppers are ready to be picked.

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  1. wow I am impressed - we grow a plant called sawtooth coriander and that might be worth you looking into. http://africanaussie.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/tropical-herbs.html
    It is a perennial and tastes just like coriander but does well in the tropics.

  2. My garden is long over.I need to start giving some thought to the fall veggie garden,but with the heat,the past few days,I just don't have the energy.


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